The DPS Process is a new tyre regeneration method, developed in accordance with the need to offer customer a high quality product with lower cost. Re-treading involves using casing which still contain in original tread; in the traditional process, all the rubber is buffed, and then the casing is re-treaded with new material. Piave Tyres has developed an extremely delicate scraping system, capable of removing only a few millimetres from the original pattern. Several scientific tests have demonstrated that, given the particular surface created with the DPS buffing method, the fusion between the rubber of the original tyre and the new tread present a molecular continuity and the difference between the two layers is indistinguishable. DPS process offers high quality tyres while using a lower amount of component blend. The characteristics of the original tyre are maintained, using an eco-friendly process with reduced consumption and emissions.


Retreading process is made by ‘’hot-cured’’, using only primal quality casings. The new buffing System (Waterbuff) is applied for every single regenerated product, ensuring every advantages of the new process.

• molecular continuity
• reduced consumption
• no detachment, no overheating problems
• best prices

This new patent System, elaborated and perfected in over 50 years experience, guarantees the standard features of the original tyre, ensuring quality and duration that other process can’t provide.
With 15 plants and over 140 moulds is possible to cover the entire range of sizes and pattern the market needs, satisfying every kind of request. Even compound used are really high quality, composed by a high percentage of natural rubber.

The different and diversification in the composition, allows to create specific products for specific applications.


Piave Tyres used. The need to respond to the new market changes, aimed Piave Tyres to design and develop an innovative machinery, realized and patent cooperating with a prominent Italian company in the automation industry.

Made with our rigorous parameters, the regrooving uses an anthropomorphic robot, cutters with different profiles and advanced 3D scan systems. Is a 100% sure operation that doesn’t penalizes the strength of the casing and the tread structure. It optimizes the lasting of the tyre, reducing fuel consumption, giving back adherence and traction force.

The life of the tyre is extended significantly and the vehicle cost per hour decreases as a result. We made more than 6000 regrooving in tyres used in the most difficult working conditions in all Europe yards. Upon request and depending on the working conditions, we are able to study and carry out specific custom-made tread pattern.


The experience and the know-how, result of the retreading activity, permit us to make any kind of repair in every kind of tyre.

Repairing casing is the most important and delicate phase during the retreading process, where is restored the integrity of the tyre bearing structure.

After a careful and depth analysis of the damage, our specialized technical proceed manufacturing a handmade tailored patch, using high quality materials and special glue. The butyl of the tyre is inspected with an electric system for hole detection, that ensure the precisely location of holes and imperfections, impossible to see without it.

Tyre is vulcanized, to guarantee the perfect fixing of the patch with the tyre, tying with it inseparably.