Piave Tyres is an Italian company, founded by the family that still manage it. Piave Tyres start the activity in 1960. At the early ’90, specializes on “hot cue” retreading of OTR tyres.

Continues investments in designing specific machinery, permit to grow progressively and until becoming one of the European retreading company leader. Since over 60 years the company handle his activities with passion and competence to guarantee high competitive prices, reliability and professionalism.

Piave Tyres offers today his great experience to the customer, everywhere reachable through transport flexibility and region agents, proposing different and innovative solutions for different needs and costs.


Piave Tyres engages every day to slow down the flow of disposal tyres FUORI USO (PFU), that have an important environmental impact (calculated in more than 100 years). Despite the difficult economic situation, the company still have the courage to invest in studying new technological solutions, introducing new technical solution of tyres regeneration, meeting the need of an economical product, preserving the environment.

The company always attend to solid principles, using passion and skills serving customers and environment.


Comparing prices, buying a retreaded tyre means save a big amount of money then buying a new one.

In addition of the benefit for the customer, there are a lot of advantages for the entire country and world in general. Retreading process saves 70% of the tyres original materials.

Regional agents and fast deliveries make the service efficient, delating the distance with the user, aimed by the importance of customer satisfaction.

The huge range of mould, and the potential of the innovative systems, permits Piave Tyres to regenerate every kind of tyre profile, facing with competence the specific of every different case.